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please email any ideas or project which you feel are relevant to this blog but most importantly If you spot some derelict land in your area take some photos of it do a bit of research (if you can) and send the info to we will be building up a database of sites but we need your help. At Kew Bridge Eco Village we have a court case on the 7th May 2010 we are optomistic but any pieces of green disused land that you know of in London or around the country then email them in !

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The National Land Use Database

The National Land Use Database a web site that provided a comprehensive, recent and consistent record of Previously Developed Land and Buildings in England for development, whether vacant, derelict or still in productive use (& as it happens a useful tool for scouting derelict land online ) has just been replaced by a group called: 'The Houses and Communities Agency', meaning that the database is no longer available on the net.

As luck would have it, there is backup of the databases! Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD you will find attached five of the databases (in excel fortmat) from the NLUD, covering various parts of England. Please share these databases with other people over the net. we will be posting a video about how to use these databases shortly but the best thng to do is look up the places on Google video get on your bike and go and check out the space

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