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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Democracy Village Parliament Square

Democracy Village.

Its 8 days of the Democracy Village at the writing of this blog we at grow your own village have been staying and a real little community is forming. The aim is to occupy the Square until the troops are pulled out of Afganistan but also provide a space for all political view points. If you have a tent and a sleeping bag get down to Parliament and make History. Seriously though, go get it now and get down there your presence could make a real difference.

The Kitchen.

Statement From The Democracy Village, Parliament Square, May 2nd

We, the concerned citizens of the Democracy Village on Parliament Square, demand on behalf of the majority of people that the war in Afghanistan is ended and the troops are brought home with immediate effect.

The Democracy Village calls all like-minded concerned citizens to come and join us. We are calling a Strike for Peace until our demands are met. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing presence on Parliament Square.

All are welcome to come and stay for a few hours, a day, or a night. Donations of food and equipment are very welcome. Bring a sleeping bag and tent if you plan to stay.

In this election, no major party has offered the choice to end this pointless war.

VOTE FOR PEACE by coming to the village today.

Email: for more info

Bring Our Troops Home.

As the British General Election of 2010 draws to an end and the people prepare to vote, and after nine years of a now financially ruinous war, Parliament Square swells with a new Democracy Village formed to bring UK involvement in the war in Afghanistan to an end.

Over the past 10 days, deaths continue to be reported from Afghanistan from a range of causes including suicide bombings and ISAF/NATO (International Security Assistance Force/North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) air-strikes.

The majority of those killed being civilians.

In 2010, civilian deaths in Afghanistan continue to rise with 12 dead after their vehicle hit a roadside bomb on April 28th.

Depressingly, both the US and UK military continue to insist on using the term Insurgent or Taliban as an indiscriminate moniker to describe what is now, in large part, the Afghani civilian people themselves.
Democracy Village Amelia Wells

On April 21st, Nato commanders were forced to apologise after shooting dead four Afghani's in their vehicle and then describing them as known Insurgents. Among the four dead were a police officer and a 12 year old boy. Nato had previously claimed they had used Biometric Data fingerprinting to identify them as Insurgents, a claim which was later hurriedly dropped.
Democracy Village Amelia Wells
The village forms with toilet, kitchen and sleeping areas and calls upon those engaged with bringing the war to an end to join them as the election period passes and a new, albeit weakened, British political environment begins.

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